Friday, 2 August 2013

A Very Unprofessional Review Of The Internship

When living in Scotland, I’m never awake early enough to get The Metro paper. Mainly because I’m too lazy and always wake up five minutes before college classes start.
As I have an internship in Wales, I’ve turned into a morning person and I’m out of the house extremely early. On my walk from the train station to my internship, I always pick up The Metro. Purely just to give me something to read at lunchtime or on the way home.

Flicking through The Metro, I saw an advertisement to see a free preview of The Internship at selected cinemas. Luckily Cardiff’s Vue was one of the chosen cinemas. I registered on The Metro, put in the code that was on the advertisement and chose the cinema and two tickets. Boom, two free tickets were mine.
I’d never been to a preview of a film before. I’ve never had enough money to sign up for a Cineworld card that lets you see films for free so I was really excited to be seeing The Internship before it was released in the UK.

The Internship was great. Even funnier than the adverts which I was relieved about as sometimes the adverts ruin the funny parts of a film. Not only did the film leave me laughing, it left me with a want to work at Google. It made me feel that I could do anything I wanted to if I put my mind to it. It also left me with a sadness that anywhere I work will most likely not be as an amazing workplace as Google is.
Who wants to work somewhere with stairs when you could have slides?
I don’t want to give a detailed review of The Internship as it might spoil it for others but if you like comedy films, are a bit of a geek or just interested in Google, book your tickets now!

I expect Google’s analytics will be seeing a lot of views on their job opportunities page after this film.

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