Tuesday, 6 August 2013

5 Things I Learned in France

For my summer holiday this year, I went to France for a week with my family, to stay in a cosy little village called Tourrettes Sur Loup (yes, we’ve heard all the jokes already).
The villa that we were staying in was quite old fashioned in a modern way. The person who owned the villa obviously enjoyed reading as the living room area was lined with bookshelves and these were crammed full with books. There was some really old Penguin classics, lots of encyclopedias and a few modern books.
I don’t want to bore anyone with a detailed day to day itinerary of what I did, so here is a list of things I learned. (I like lists by the way).

1. The French air is good for you

I’ve self diagnosed myself as being lactose intolerant as anything containing milk makes me ill. So when my parents said that we should all get pizza one night, I was dreading having to say “sans fromage merci” just incase the French didn’t understand me or I didn’t understand them. About three minutes away from our villa, there was another villa where a man made pizza at night from his little pizza van parked at the end of his drive. I decided to just be brave and have a cheese pizza and voila, I was not ill the next day. Then the next day I decided to be very naughty and I had an ice cream and another cheese pizza and it still didn’t make me ill. No other explanation so the French air must be good for me!

 2. George Clooney makes pizza

The pizza van that I mentioned in the last point, had pizza boxes that suspiciously had what looked like George Clooney making pizza on them. After googling “George Clooney pizza box” it seems that lots of people have noticed it looks like him too.

3. The French have amazing snacks

Prince biscuits, BN biscuits with cartoon characters, Haribo Smurfs, chocolate bread, croissants, I could go on. Basically, I just wanted to eat snacks for breakfast, lunch and dinner when I was there.

4. They are obsessed with little trains

Every city or large town I went to all had a tiny little train that took tourists around the area.  Also cutely named ‘Le petit train’.

5. They love Nutella

Everything had Nutella on it. Ok, not quite everything but so many eating places served Nutella crepes, paninis etc. Not that I’m complaining as Nutella on a panini is delicious.

Ok , so the things I learnt might not help you out in a general knowledge test but it was interesting to know. No? 

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